Update: February 20.  We are about out of king salmon.  There's close to 10 lbs left.  If you order something else you can add this small amount to your order if you'd like.  Thanks for everyone's patronage.

January 23, 2015.  WE HAVE KING SALMON AGAIN.  A troller - his dad gave me a job when I needed it, helped me buy a boat, then showed me how to fish - has offered more king salmon.  These are smaller sized portions he had sized for retail sale.  Same pricing as below.  

The quarantine in Kangahun was lifted with no new cases. That is almost a miracle in itself.  Thanks to everyone who bought fish and/or sent donations.  We will put the money to good use. - Mark and Sara

UPDATE January 16, 2015.  Happy New Year.  All the king salmon we had was sold.  Thanks to everyone who purchased fish.  The village remains under quarantine, which ends on Monday.  So far, no new cases have reported, which is almost a miracle in itself.  Thanks to everyone who has donated to our fund through purchase or direct donation.  This will economically stablize the families for now until the epidemic is over, and provide for school fees for the children when school restarts.  Thanks again!


UPDATE January 6, 2015.  Happy New Year.  Taku River Reds, whose fish we sell, have donated king salmon to us to use the proceeds for the survivors of 3 brothers who have died since Dec 13 and were my Peace Corps family in Sierra Leone (see below).  So, we are having a king salmon sale.

40 lbs and more: $19/lb

30-39 lbs:            $20/lb

20-29 lbs:            $21/lb

All prices include 2nd Day Fed Ex shipping to the same address.  

King salmon were caught this summer and come in about 3/4 to 1.5 lb individually vacuum packed portions.

If you'd like to order or donate directly to the family fund, email me at Mark@goodsalmon.com.


Mark and Sara




UPDATE:  December 29, 2014.  Today my friend Francis passed away from Ebola.  I believe he caught it from his brother Solomon, who passed away Dec. 13.  Solomon's younger brother Tamba died between Solomon and Francis.  All three were brothers to me when I lived there in the Peace Corps continuing to today.  

Wellbody is establishing some treatment centers in our village area now, which is very bold since travel there is marginal due to the poor road conditions.  Most items get moved by motorcycle or on foot.  

Francis lead about 50 people out of our village of Kangahun during the civil war, provided for them in the rainforest of Sierra Leone hiding from the rebels for 3 years before having to cross the border to Guinea, where they lived for another 5 years.  They made their way back to our village by way of Conakry and Freetown to find our village, like so many others, gone. During the war, the rebels would come into a village, kill or maime those who did not flee, loot everything they could find, then burn it to the ground and move on to the next village.  

Francis, at about 30 years of age, with only the clothes on his back, a machete, and his family, survived all that time and now a microscopic agent has taken his life.  He leaves behinds literally dozens of people in his care as patriarch of his family.  We will do what we can to help care for them.  May his soul rest in peace.  

What is needed now, though, is to contain the disease, which can only be done with organizations like Wellbody, who is one of the only organizations I know of working in Kono - a tough place to get to and live.  Please visit their website and donate if you can.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing me at Mark@goodsalmon dot com.




Working with Juneau's Peterson fishing family at Taku River Reds to provide you with the best salmon we can!


VIDEO - Watch Mark show you how to cut your fresh salmon